History of Online Gambling

Online gambling has been made possible by the presence of the internet. The sharp shift into the new millennium dominated by the internet has led to the creation of many online gambling sites that are very audible. Online gambling is a package, as you are winning from multiple bets and stakes, you get to be entertained also. 

Thanks to the presence of mobile phones and other related devices like tablets and desktops, many gamblers across the world have benefited from convenience. Gambling has been there for a long time but are you really aware of the history of betting and stacking. 

Yes, the gambling world has turned all digital but are you really aware of the roots. Well, no need to worry because this article has got you covered. We shall look at the phases of the gambling revolution, the extensions, and how it came to be a giant really. 

A Gaming Revelation

The revelation was one stepping stone in the international management of gambling. Not only was gambling paced on another level, but also experienced a sharp shift of dominance. In 1996, Kahnawake Gaming Commission came to life. Its main task was to issue out licenses in the gambling industry. Owners were from Mohawk India, a specific and unique tribe that traces its roots in Canada. 

What fascinates this piece of history is that it came about when online gaming was just as fresh as ever. It was a massive celebration in the world of gambling but it was not for long when questions began to be raised on the reliability of online gambling. Some were claiming that InterCasino was the first virtual platform while other profound die-hard gamblers were saying otherwise. 

While most moved with the above notions, there was a common notion that online gaming was pioneered by Microgaming. It came out that www.gamblingmentor.org was the initial kick-starter of online gaming in 1995. GamingClub was designed by Microgaming. The revelation goes on to touch on the growth of online gambling. 

The later days of 1996 saw online gambling growing to 15 official sites, licensed and legit. It was now a race for expansion, by 1997 there were now 200 online casino sites and as of now, online gaming is worth billions, with multiple sportsbooks and various online offers. 

The Rise Of Sports Betting

This is one sector that has been taking the scene by storm. The history of sports betting dates back to 1996, a period when InterTops was making its mark in team betting and selections. Fans were very appreciative of InterTops and within two years, it came out to be the best, it was now under a competitive radar from William Hill and Ladbrokes, two major bookmakers. 

These two were avid sports betting fanatics, it was no time before they design their own sport betting sites, market breakers indeed! These two sites were initially pregnant with bonuses and promotions, including cashback and incentive gambling. As the market hit hard rock, they sort of faded a bit. Now, Mecca is the ultimate online gaming climate very intuitive and fantastic. 

The Rise Of Online Poker

Planet Poker, table games loved by many and won by many. You are clearly not a loser when playing Online Poker. Online Poker was established in 1998 and went on to become a giant. It became a big product for both high rollers and small gamblers, even Chris “Jesus” Ferguson was attracted to play. As usual, the market turns to be unfriendly at times, and that’s what it did in this instance. 

Technical and company glitches haunted the site’s operation, discouraging expansion. The prominent aggregate disadvantage was that the internet was still too basic, people used dial-up internet services and this meant that downloading was not oy mountainous but torrid and daunting. In replace of Planet Poker came Paradise Poker. 

After that came to Partypoker and then came Pokerstars. Paradises came to the scene in 1999 while Partypoker and Pokerstars came into the market in 2001. One of the defining moments was the $10000 stake Chris Moneymaker in what was called WSOP Main Event. He tool hoke $40 satellite on PokerStars. Amateurs were all bundled and managed to grab a total of 2 million. 


Today we hear of casinos, bookers, and poker platforms but do we really know what they insinuate and where they came from. It’s a long road rally that started in the 1990s. The traditional norm is winning, win and win! There is nothing more or less than that. Even if you ask many bettors from back then, they will tell you that you not always losing. 

Online casinos are very intuitive, user-friendly, and come with perfect user interfaces. It’s all about flexibility payment convenience. From PayPal, bank transfers, and credit/debit cards, it becomes an even better payments experience altogether.