A Gamble for God is a website dedicated to answering questions of morality on the topic of gambling when it comes to different religions and different cultures.

Over the years we have noticed that many people have questions about how religion and culture affects gambling. Different religions and cultures have their own beliefs on how moral gambling may or may not be. Some embrace gambling and have a deep history with it. Others have outlawed it or banned it entirely. Some cultures have invented new games to gamble with.

On this website, we have provided answers to the questions of how each religion and culture feels about gambling. We consider the Christian, Jewish, and Islamic religious views. We also look at gambling through the eyes of different cultures in history, including Asians, Native Americans, Ancient Egypt, Ancient Rome, Europe and Africa. Did they consider gambling immoral? Did gambling even exist in their time? How did gambling come about in their culture? These are the kinds of questions we will answer.

We will also define exactly what gambling is. We’ll talk in depth about the morality of gambling. We’ll also provide guidelines on how to make sure that you are not stepping over any moral lines when and if you decide to gamble.

So have fun reading the site. Enjoy the information you find here, from exactly what “casting lots” is to the types of games that many different civilizations have played in the past.

Learn which cultures embraced gambling at best usa online casinos, which ones condemned it. Find out which religious text does not mention anything about the morality of gambling but includes references to gambling. Learn which culture invented cubical dice. All of this and more can be found within these pages.

We hope you enjoy your time here and feel free to come back often and learn more!